Sometime in the nearby future, I will be a parent, and my young children will engage me in a chat, and ask me how my youth was like.

It is at that point I will tell them, that there was once a time when a disease swept across the surface of the earth, and we all had to seek cover.

There was a time when shaking and hugging people was a taboo, when standing close to people was not advisable and when the security forces used force to tell us to stay home.

I will tell them about the time when we did not know who was next, and when it will end.

I’ll tell them about how different solutions were proffered and yet how none of them seemed like the solution.

I’ll tell them about how the airports were lockdown, and people were refused entry and exit.

I‘ll tell them about how conspiracies flew, and how fingers were pointed in all directions as a cause.

But most importantly, I’ll tell them that it exposed the lies of the politician, and it locked us all in the vacuum, so much so that the politician could not seek help from abroad.

The only way he could get better, was to fix his home.

All this, I may tell my children, one day, when all this is over.

But for now, let me wash my hands with soap and water, and wait for that day to come as I practice social distancing.