Nigerian police are tracking more members of the suspected gang

The Police in Accra have arrested 22 persons for obstructing public movement during the nationwide sit-down strike by commercial drivers on Monday, December 6.

They were arrested for various offences such as rioting, causing damage and blocking public road in the Accra Metropolis.

“The suspects took advantage of the sit-down strike to disturb public peace notably at Anyaa, Sowutuom and Amasaman,” the Police announced in a post on Facebook.

All the 2022 suspects are expected to be put before court today to answer questions on the charges levelled against them.

Commercial drivers across the country were directed by their leaders to embark on a sit-down strike action in protest of various levies imposed on petroleum products which has caused the price of the commodity to shoot up.

On Monday morning, Ghanaians who depend on the services of these commercial drivers were left stranded, with others indicating that they were compelled by the situation to walk for miles.

The Coalition of Commercial Transport Owners made up of 16 transport unions – including the biggest group, the GPRTU withdrew their services following what they termed the government’s refusal to reduce taxes on petroleum products which they say has led to the high cost of petrol, diesel and LPG.

Suspension of strike

The Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU) called off its nationwide strike which took place on Monday, December 6, 2021 after an invitation from the Presidency for deliberations to be held on the issue.

The other 15 drivers unions subsequently resumed work following assurances that they will be given audience at the Presidency.

Meanwhile, the government has directed the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) to reduce price of fuel at the pumps, effective Tuesday, December 7.

Head of Communications at the GPRTU, Abass Imoro, who disclosed this on PM Express to host Evans Mensah, said government also committed to reviewing taxes on fuel in the mid-year budget review.

He said they are satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and would urge their members to resume work.

Communications Manager at the National Petroleum Authority, Mohammed Abdul Kudus, touching on the proposed review of taxes, said if the taxes are reduced, even if world prices of petroleum products continue to spike, consumers will not feel the impact.

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