Security analyst Dr Emmanuel Aning has described as disgraceful the attack on demonstrating teachers by the police last Friday.

He told Joy News the action was a needless dent on the image of the police administration.

The Police opened teargas to disperse a group of teachers who were demonstrating against distortions in their salaries.

Police Chief Superintendent David Eklu who led the team of policemen to the Ghana National Association of Teachers premises where the angry teachers had converged told the media the action by the police was timely.

According to him the teachers had become riotous and hurled stones at the police after they had flagrantly breached an agreement in which only the leaders of the demonstration would be allowed to present a petition to the Accountant Generals Office.

He said the police had to intervene to ensure safety of the demonstrators and properties. Five of the teachers were arrested but later released.

The teachers have accused the police of using brute force. Some of the arrested teachers claimed shockers were used on them after being heavily assaulted.

Others tended in as evidence to the media rubber bullets they claim to have been fired by the police-an allegation the police vehemently denied.

They said the alleged assault on them was unprovoked. Their only crime perhaps was to follow their leaders to the AG’s office even though the agreement was for only their leaders to do so.

Head of Police Public Relations Superintendent Kwesi Ofori has defended the action by the police, but Dr Emmanuel Aning minced no words in describing the action as a “disgrace” to the police administration.

He said the action has in no small way undermined efforts by the police in building positive relationship with the public as well transforming the image of the force.

He argued that no matter how riotous the teachers were said to have behaved, the police as a trained institution, must adopt better crowd control mechanism than the “inordinate” style used.

Dr Aning called on the Police administration to apologise for the act, insisting the police loses no credibility in apologizing for such an act.

The General Secretary of NAGRAT Stanislove Nabome has described the incident as unfortunate and called for an investigation into it.

Whilst condemning the alleged riots by some of his colleagues, he said the chasing and hand cuffing of teachers across the streets could undermine their authority in the classroom.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/