It appears the woes of embattled New Punch Editor, Baby Ansaba, whose real name is Ebenezer Ato Sam, could get a little worse before he gets some respite, if any.

It has emerged that since knocking down and killing an Assemblies of God pastor last December, Baby Ansabah has been unable to provide a valid driver’s license to the police to enable them complete a docket to the Attorney General’s Department and subsequently process him for court.

The police have ruled out reports early on that he was drunk at the time of the accident, but they say they might be compelled to proceed with the case as that of “driving without a license at the time of an accident”.

The Divisional Commander of Police at Weija, ASP Kwame Gyasi Afari, said this could mean Baby Ansabah is in deeper trouble.

According to ASP Afari, Mr Ansaba was on 6 December, 2009 driving a Ford Mondeo caravan from Kasoa towards Malam.

“On a section of the road popularly known as Block Factory, he knocked down a male pastor called Davis Ola Nimo, aged about 50 years.”

The body was deposited at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Mortuary and later released to the family for burial whilst Baby Ansaba was only cautioned and granted bail as police launched investigations into the matter.

“And he indicated that the driving license was missing so we gave him an extract to the DVLA department for him to collect details of his driver’s license because the vehicle was tested and we have to obtain a report from the DVLA technician…before a duplicate docket can be prepared and sent to the Attorney General’s Department for advise. As at now Baby Ansaba is yet to produce his license; the last time he was called he indicated to the investigator that he was sick and could not turn up to produce his license,” DSP Gyasi said.

That’s not all of Baby Ansaba’s woes as there are suggestions that he was blackmailed into making confessions of publishing malicious lies about Prof. Mills to avoid prosecution in this particular case.

He has, however, denied this.



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