Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has dismissed claims that the current surge in coronavirus cases in the country is as a result of ongoing political activities.

As the country prepares for this year’s general election, there have been concerns that political activities including rallies and health walks may be causing the spike in the spread of the virus.

But the Offoase Ayeribi MP disagrees, arguing that government’s data suggests rather that the spike in cases are being recorded in closed workspaces and offices.

“The data does not support that, if it is true then there should be a flow of a widespread in all of these regions where you have all of these political activities.

“The data shows us that we have more issues in offices and workplaces where we have enclosed activity happening,” he added.

The Information Minister called on security agencies to enforce adherence to wearing of masks and other coronavirus preventive protocols.

Meanwhile, all districts in the Greater Accra Region are still recording an increase in cases.

Head of Disease Surveillance Department of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Asiedu Bekoe has revealed that majority of the cases in the Greater Accra Region were recorded in Ayawaso West but clarified that it was because most testing centres in the region are located in that district.

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