A school of thought has emerged that the position where a candidate is on the ballot paper does not help in elections.

According to the school of thought, it is better for the various political parties to educate their supporters more on their symbols and their candidates’ pictures since that is what voters look for on the ballot sheet than to jubilate on their positions on the ballot paper.

A political scientist, Kwesi Jonah of the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) and Prof. Ohene Konadu, a social psychologist at the University of Ghana made this assertion in an interview on Adom Dwaso Nsem on Wednesday.

Mr. Jonah said the position of candidates on the ballot paper does not add anything to votes on the Election Day since voters decide on whom to vote for prior to Voting Day.

He said analysis of previous elections indicates that the positions of candidates on the ballot paper does not in any way help in their electoral fortunes and that winning an election is based on the popularity of a party.

According to him, the position of NDC in the two elections won by them did not in anyway affect their votes likewise votes for the NPP was not affected by anyway in their positions on the ballot paper during the last two elections they have won.

He posited that at the Election Day what voters hope to see on the ballot paper is the logo and picture of their favorite party and candidate.

Professor Ohene Konadu also supported the arguments made by Mr. Jonah and said scientifically there is no value for a political party to say his votes will soar based on his position on the ballot sheet.

According to him, voters in any literate society do not base their voting decision on the position of a party or a candidate on the ballot sheet. He said what will help the various political parties is to emphasize on their symbols and pictures of their candidates to their supporters.

All eight political parties contesting the December Elections after picking their positions on the ballot paper on Tuesday have given various interpretations to suggest that their positions on the paper will deliver victory to them.

The new Patriotic party will appear first on the ballots and may as well pick the NDC´s slogan for election 2000 “Esoro Hכ”.

The peoples National Convention is second and will also maintain their usual slogan of “Two direct, Two sure”.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is third and according to its National Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei said he understands the figure three stands for good luck, plus it is the third time his presidential candidate, Professor Mills is making a go at the presidency and so he will hope that some divine force may have guided his hand to the figure.

The DFP, DPP, CPP, RPD and an independent candidate, Mr. Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah follow in that order.

Story by Kojo Addo, Adom FM