President Mills has asked Ghanaians to manage their expectations of the oil revenue in transforming the economy and their livelihood.

The president says it will take a while for most Ghanaians to feel the impact of the oil revenue in the lives and on the economy.

He was speaking at the climax of the 50 anniversary celebrations of the Upper East Region on Saturday.

“Let me set the record straight. At the beginning the oil will come in bits. Things are not going to materialize overnight. I know that expectations are high. There are people who think that, come November and December, Ghana will be awash with oil resources…this is not the case. We have to go gingerly. It will take us sometime,” President Mills said.

President Mills explained that the revenue accrued from the crude oil will be invested in the productive sectors of the economy.

Reiterating his earlier comment about inheriting a weak economy, the President said people who are complaining about their livelihoods under his regime should ask themselves if their lives were better in the past eight years of the NPP administration.

Meanwhile Joy News’ presidential correspondent, Seth Kwame Boateng reports that President Mills has joined worshippers of the Fountain Gates Ministries in the Upper East regional capital Bolgatanga.

In an address the President told the congregation that Ghana can become the beacon of Africa. He says the president encouraged Ghanaians to serve God and be truthful. Bigwigs in government also attended the programme.

Story by Derick Romeo Adogla/