Former Director General of the Ghana Health Services, Prof. Agyemang Badu Akosa has called for the resignation of the Board Chairman of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Rev Dr. Seth Andrew Aryetey.

According to him Rev Dr. Aryetey has woefully failed to turn the fortunes of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) around, making the facility to continuously rely on government subvention.

Prof. Agyemang Badu Akosa who is also a senior Pathologist at the Ghana Medical School made the claims while contributing to a discussion of allegations that a letter revoking the appointment of Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng as an honorary director of the Cardio Centre may have been instigated by Rev. Dr. Aryetey.

The argument is that the Cardio Centre, sited on the premises of Korle-Bu is doing better financially than the rest of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital raising suspicion that the Board Chairman is trying to bring the operations of the Cardio Centre, an autonomous unit, under the control of Korle Bu.

Speaking Adom FM Monday, Prof. Badu Akosa argued that resources like the Radiology and X-ray departments at the hospital if managed well can generate enough revenue for the hospital, but this has not been done and continue to take government subvention.

Prof Kwabena Frimpong Boateng’s appointment was revoked because he sought transfer from the Ministry of Health to the University of Ghana Medical School in the year 2000.

His colleagues are appalled by the decision.

Meanwhile, the former GHS boss has described as saddening, the dismissal of Prof Kwabena Frimpong Boateng.

Prof Badu Akosa said it saddens his heart to hear that the man who engineered the establishment of the Center has been humiliated instead of being commended.

He maintained that the person who wrote the dismissal letter might not understand the intensity of the work at the Center “that is why such a hasty decision was taken”.

Prof Badu Akosa alleged that the dismissal of Prof Frimpong Boateng was the result of internal wrangling at Korle Bu. “As a member of the Ghana Medical Association I don’t expect members of the Association to sit down and keep quiet over this issue,” he added.

Prof Badu Akosa said Prof Frimpong Boateng is one of few Africans who have excelled in their fields of operation, having run the Center to the extent that the Cardio Centre no more takes government subvention, adding that government did not contribute a pesewa to the establishment of the centre.

He lamented that cronyism, nepotism and favouritism will plunge the country into destruction, because this is the reason why Prof Boateng has been dismissed.

Prof Agyemang Badu Akosa who is also a leading member of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) said if the Cardiothoracic Centre is handed over to the KBT H to run, in no time it will collapse because KBTH cannot run the Centre effectively.

In reaction to the call for his dismissal, Rev Dr. Seth Andrew Aryetey denied the claim that the revocation letter given to Prof Frimpong Boateng was drafted by him, neither did he request that the Cardio Centre be handed to Korle-Bu since it was doing well financially. “This is wicked, untruthful and pure evil that I drafted the sack letter of Prof Frimpong Boateng. Who gave that information, I believe there is somebody on the Board who is giving all this misinformation, as a Christian I will not do that,” Rev. Dr. Aryetey stressed.

Rev. Dr. Aryetey however declared his readiness to relinquish his post as Board Chairman, for investigations to be conducted into the allegation.

In another development, former Health Minister Dr. Kwaku Afriyie has said he is short of words and does not know how to describe his feelings about the sacking of Prof Frimpong Boateng.

Dr. Afriyie who served as Health Minister under ex-President Kufuor’s administration described the NDC government “as damn cruel” and bent on victimizing their political opponents.

Asempa News’ reporter Kwaku Antwi Otoo who visited the Cardio Centre reported that a notice posted at the Centre warns the public that “The National Cardio Centre is not providing services till further notice; we will inform the public when we are ready”.