Former Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is poised to hold talks with Champions League winners Inter Milan next week.

Inter are looking for a new manager after Jose Mourinho, who also won Serie A and the Italian Cup last season, left to take over at Real Madrid.

Benitez left Liverpool by mutual consent on Thursday after six years at the helm at Anfield.

“That is the direction and in the next few days we will see and decide,” said Inter president Massimo Moratti.

“I can only speak well of him because he is very good.

“It’s also important that he has always done well in Europe: to continue to get joy from the Champions League is our aim,” Moratti added in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

The 50-year-old has a strong track record in European football, having won the Champions League with Liverpool in 2005 and the Uefa Cup with Valencia in 2004.

Benitez was strongly linked with a move to Juventus, but since his departure from Anfield he has become the subject of speculation suggesting a move to the San Siro is imminent.

Even Javier Mascherano, one of his former players at Liverpool, has suggested that the Spaniard would be the ideal fit for Inter.

“Only Benitez could take the place of a coach like Mourinho,” said Mascherano.

“He is a great coach. He has charisma, personality, a winning mentality.

“Moreover, he will find himself brilliantly in Italy because of the tactical game. Rafa studies everything on the table and directs the team from the bench like a orchestra conductor.

“After Mourinho, he is the only man capable of continuing Inter’s winning run.”

More to follow.


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