Relief expert chide NADMO over Upper East debacle

A humanitarian and relief expert has indicted the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO)for being passive in what has become an annual ritual of flood disaster in the Upper East Region.

Mr Andrews Frimpong told Joy News NADMO has been in the system for far too long to allow the same flood disaster to have the same deleterious effects on people’s lives and properties year after year.

Severe rainstorm has caused a lot of havoc in the Upper East Region with one person confirmed dead and over 1,800 people displaced.

Several days have passed with victims yet to receive relief items but on Monday their prayers were heard with truck loads of emergency relief items arriving in Upper East to be shared to the victims.

Andrew Frimpong is convinced NADMO was too slow in responding to the emergency calls.

He told Joy News human lives are too precious to be treated with a lukewarm attitude.

He would not countenance the ‘better late than never’ cliché stating, “On the issue of disaster management that maxim is not applicable.”

He said “NADMO is not a novelty of an organization” to be saddled with the annual ritual of flood disaster.

Andrew Owusu said the organization should by now have a contingency plan to ameliorate the yearly effects of this disaster.

He said NADMO must be proactive and show signs of disaster preparedness and response in these issues.

He also called for effective collaboration between NADMO and other institutions already based in the regions to mitigate the effects of these disasters when they happen.