Panelists on Newsfile, a Joy News current affairs programme have expressed consternation at the police’s handling of the processes leading to the discovery of human remains linked to three missing girls from Takoradi.

According to Member of Parliament for Secondi, Andrew Egyapa Mercer, the very public manner the police handled the exercise could cause potential accomplices to the crime to either abscond or hide critical evidence.  

Even worse, the Director of the African Centre for Energy Policy said the police announcement of the find before a forensic audit, will heighten the anxiety of the victims’ families and possibly kill their hope.

“The process was poorly managed, Benjamin Boakye said, “going to the place with sirens was wrong,” he added on Saturday.

Joy News reported Friday night that a security operation at Kasaworodo in the Western region capital, Takoradi had discovered some human remains.

A subsequent police statement said the operation was part of investigations aimed at finding three girls who went missing more than a year ago in the western region.

Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, 15, Ruth Love Quayson, 18, and Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21 have gone missing for nearly a year after they were reported kidnapped in the Takoradi metropolis.

A statement issued by Public relations officer of the Police CID, DSP Juliana Obeng gave details of Friday Night’s operation, indicating some human remains were discovered from a septic tank during the exercise.

MP for Secondi said he was taken aback by the announcement.

“Why the statement if forensic is not done?

“The Police should have interrogated the people in the area who are close to the residence of the location before making the issue blown out,” Andrew Egyapa Mercer said in exhilaration.

He believes that if forensic information turns out to confirm that these are the girls, “it will be unfortunate” because of the information the police themselves have put out.

Mercer cited recent information from the Interior Minister which suggested that the police have “actionable intelligence” that may lead to the rescuing of the girls.

On his part, a former Deputy Power Minister John Abdulai Jinapor said “the family is going to be in serious difficulties because of the hasty announcement.

“Some psychologist attention will be needed to help the families, Executive Director of ACEP, Benjamin Boakye said to support his colleague.

A professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Ghana agrees with them.

“I feel the families have had enough in terms of what the human body can endure. We should bear with the families and friends and associates of the girls.  “I hope the Lord will strengthen them, Prof. Godfred Bokpin said. 

He also called on Ghanaians not to be divided on the issue.

“Let’s work with all our institutions despite their weaknesses, he rallied support for the police. 





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