The Head Pastor of the African faith Tabernacle Church, Pastor Paul Nkansah, who allegedly raped five sisters at Akyem Achiasei in the Eastern region, was arraigned before the Akyem Swedru Circuit Court Thursday on a charge of defiling a minor.

The 28-year-old pastor, who gave his name in court as Isaac Paul Nkatisah, pleaded not guilty to the charge of defilement and was remanded in prison custody to re-appear on August 30.

The other four sisters who were allegedly raped by the pastor were also in court but it was only their 15-year-old sister’s case which was heard. The prosecutor, Mr Appiah Korang, told the court that further investigations were on-going.

Meanwhile, the head¬quarters of the African Tabernacle Faith Church at Anyinam in the Eastern Region has completely dissociated itself from Isaac Paul Nkansah, who claimed to be a pastor of the church at Akyem Achiase.

According to the spokesperson of the church, Junior Prophet Stephen Frimpong Nkansah, the church had been very embarrassed by the association of the alleged pastor with the church, saying that it did not even have a branch at Akyem Achiase.

He said the newspaper which carried the story should have done thorough checks to verify the authenticity of the claim by the pastor that he was the head pastor of the church.

He explained that the head pastor of the African Faith Tabernacle Church is called Superior Prophet David Nkansah II and that a mere pastor who is the most junior of all the hierarchical pastoral team could never be the head pastor of the church in the country.

“We have pastors who can be promoted to chief pas¬tor then to junior prophet to senior prophet; before the head who has the title ‘superior prophet’,” he pointed out.

According to the spokesperson, as a result of the embarrassment the publication had caused the church the leadership would meet the management of the newspaper which carried the story to set the records straight.

“We don’t have any pastor called Paul Ansah at Akim Achiase,” he insisted, stressing that it was possible people could go round using any name to dupe unsuspecting members of the public.

He therefore called on the law enforcement agencies to pursue the case to its logical conclusion.


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