A Kindergarten INSET Trainer Manual designed to enhance the capacity and understanding of teachers to effectively deliver the new standard-based curriculum and integrate play in their lessons has been developed. 

The Trainer Manual, jointly produced by Right To Play and Sabre Education, would be cascaded at the various levels across Ghana. The manual contains content from Right To Play, Sabre Education, UNICEF and Lively Minds. 

At a five-day Cross-Organisational Training on the KG INSET Trainer Manual held at the Sunset Hotel in Kumasi last week, the Training and Capacity Specialist at Right To Play Ghana, Lawrence Ofei, noted the manual will improve the capacity of trainers to support KG teachers. 

“The KG INSET Trainer Manual ceases to belong to Right To Play or Sabre Education. It now belongs to the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Unit of the Ghana Education Service,” Mr Ofei told the gathering. 

The development of the KG INSET Trainer Manual forms part of the Partners in Play Project (P3) being jointly implemented by Right To Play and the Ministry of Education and its agencies.  

Right To Play, Sabre Education develop KG INSET trainer manual to support teachers

The Partners in Play Project is a 4-year, $11.5 million program that aims to improve the quality of education for Ghanaian girls and boys aged 4-12 through a scalable and replicable Learning through Play (LtP) model. 

Right To Play has been working with Sabre Education and other partners in the ECE space to support the ECE Unit of the Ghana Education Service to develop a training manual for KG teachers.  

The KG INSET Trainer Manual is expected to increase the integration of Learning through Play (LtP) in the delivery of the KG Curriculum by teachers and stakeholders. 

Participants at the Cross-Organisational Training on the KG INSET Trainer Manual were equipped with the relevant information and skill to support the cascade plan and direct training planned to be undertaken both at the District and the National levels.  

According to the Education Specialist at Right To Play Ghana, Kwabena Gao, “one of the intentions for the first level training (Cross-organisational training), is to also add on to the team of facilitators from Right To Play and Sabre Education who will train the National Trainers and District Teacher Support Teams.”