Two sheep were slaughtered and bottles of schnapps poured on Tuesday at the Manhyia Palace to pacify the gods over the alleged usage of children’s urine by a chop bar operator to prepare soup to woo more customers at Asante Bekwai.

The affected children whose urine was allegedly used looked pale and sick when they appeared before Nananom on Tuesday.

Madam Serwah Serwah was found culpable of using the urine of three children aged 4 to 6 to prepare soup for public consumption by the Asantehemaa’s traditional court.

She was consequently ordered to produce two sheep and schnapps as well as GH¢500 as her penalty for using foul means to get her food sold instantly.

The chop bar operator, who was first reported to the Bekwaihene’s traditional court, obliged and produced the items and the cash at the Manhyia Palace.

The sacrifice, which was ostensibly to pacify the gods and the spirits of the three children, was done at a secluded place at the palace and not open to public view.

The GH¢500 was however given to the family of the three children as compensation during the Asantehemaa’s Traditional Court sitting Tuesday.

After the sacrifices were performed, the court referred the matter back to the Bekwaihene’s court for continuation.

Close sources at the palace hinted that the Bekwai Traditional Council now had the sole prerogative to either report the matter officially to the police for the woman in question to be arrested.

The chop bar operator reportedly used toffees to persuade the three innocent children into giving her their urine which she used to prepare her soup for public consumption.

One Dorcas, the mother of the children, saw the trio with toffees and questioned them on where they got it from and they replied that Madam Serwah Serwah gave it to them after taking their urine.

Baffled about the children’s assertion, she led them to Madam Serwah to demand the urine back but the chop bar operator noted that she had already used it for the purpose for which she took it.

After the incident, the three children started falling ill regularly, compelling their mother to take them to hospitals and spiritualists for help but to no avail.

Dorcas then reported the matter to the Bekwai Traditional Council where the matter was later referred to the Asantehemaa’s court for redress.

The children’s mother also demanded that an amount of GH¢2,500 be paid to her to defray the money she had spent on the children’s healthcare.

But after listening to both sides, the Asantehemaa’s court decided that two sheep, schnapps and GH¢500 be paid by the chop bar operator to pacify the gods and compensate the children.


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