Corporate organizations in the country continue to mourn the death of President John Evans Atta Mills with messages of condolence.

The latest to do so is the mobile phone and computer assembling firm, Rlg Communications Limited.

A statement issued by the Corporate Affairs Manager of rlg , Mr. Emmanuel J.K Arthur said the news of President Mills’s untimely death did not only come as shocking but devastated the entire workforce of the company.

The statement quotes the company’s Chief Executive, Mr Roland Agambire describing the late Prof. Mills as honest, visionary and hardworking leader whose ideas and vision for the country were geared towards propelling the country to giant economic growth.

“Under your leadership, government gave practical meaning to domestication theory and trusted rlg to partner her in the execution of a number of initiatives under the better Ghana agenda. This includes the better Ghana laptop project under which teachers, basic schools and students of tertiary institutions are given laptop each. The successful execution of the project has bridged the ICT gap among rural and urban school kids and teachers,” the statement said.

The company said the late President will forever be remembered for his avowed commitment to ensure growth of local businesses in particular and the Ghanaian economy as a whole.

The statement also congratulates HE John Dramani Mahama on his assumption of office as the President of the Republic of Ghana and expressed the hope he would continue the good works of the late Professor John Atta Mills.

“Government and the people of Ghana also deserve commendation for the smooth transition on the historic day of 24th July, 2012,” the statement concluded.


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