A security think-tank West Africa Network for Peace-building (WANEP) has raised alarm over the influx of gun-wielding Ivorian combatants into Ghana.

Its National Network Coordinator, Justin Bayor told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh the influx of the combatants and the small arms may have dire consequences for the country ahead of next year’s general elections.

The alert by WANEP comes in the wake of the arrests of 55 Ivorian combatants in the Brong Ahafo Region who “were carrying large arms of ammunition and small arms and this is something we should be worried about.”

“How many of them have entered into the country at this time we cannot tell,” he stressed.

Describing the arms, Bayor said the ammunition include “small arms and light weapons capable of being carried without anybody noticing.”

He urged the security agencies to conduct a periodic community swoops, especially in the Western corridor to fish out criminal elements and retrieve the small arms from them.

Bayor said their report is not to create panic but to alert the appropriate institutions to take measures to fight against the canker.