Seven vehicles were involved in a serious accident on the N1 Highway just about 30 meters away from the Kwashieman inter section and athe Honkong bus stop.

According to Joynews reporters Beatrice Adu and David Andoh, who were at the scene of the accident, it involved a trailer, 207 benze bus two vans, two taxis and a Kia truck carrying charcoal and a Mitsubishi 4×4 vehicle.

The accident happened after police arrived on the scene to signal other drivers to slow down because a KIA trayback carrying tons of charcoal had broken down close to the traffic light at Kwashieman, obstructing traffic.

After the driver of a 207 benz bus complied with Police directive to stop due to the obstruction, an trailer carrying cement bags which had brake failure drove into the KIA trayback, smashing the 207 Benz bus in the process together with other vehicles in line.

Another KIA trayback carrying “pure water” in an attempt to avert driving into the crushed vehicles veered off the road and unfortunately drove into a nearby drinking spot. The driver is said to be in critical condition.