A 20-year-old student of Annor Adjaye Senior High School in the Jomoro District in the Western Region has been found dead at the beach on suspicion that she died in the attempt to abort a pregnancy.

The student, whose name was given as Margaret Awuah, 20, was said to have realised that she was pregnant shortly after school went on vacation recently and was trying to abort it before school would reopen.

The police said the body of the student was found at the beach at Ezinlibo, near Bonyire, in the morning of last Thursday, after a report was made to the police.

The police said when they arrived at the scene they saw the deceased in a yellow dress and a rag serving as a pad, heavily soaked with blood stuck in between her legs.

The deceased was identified by Kable Etse of Bonyere as his niece and senior high school student.

The police said initial examination of the body indicated that there was no sign or any mark of violence on her.

It said she lost her life because of the excessive bleeding and the body was conveyed to the Half Assini Government Hospital for autopsy.

The police said after the autopsy the medical report indicated that the student was attempting to abort a pregnancy allegedly with the help of her unknown boyfriend.

Asked if the family of the student was contacted, the police responded in the affirmative, saying, after initial investigations and the autopsy, the body was released to the family for burial, and that the police were finding it difficult to get the family’s co-operation to conclude investigation.

It said from all indications, the student moved to stay with her boyfriend and after the attempted abortion which led to the loss of her life; those who helped in the criminal act dumped the body at the beach.

When contacted, the Jomoro District Commander, John F. Dzineku, confirmed the incident and said it was important for the family to know that the life of every citizen was very important to the state.

He gave an assurance that the police would continue their investigations to ensure that the facts were established.


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