Snoop Dogg stops swearing

Snoop Dogg has toned down his explicit lyrics for his new reggae album, ‘Reincarnated’, and is hoping to spread a new message of positivity with his music.

The rapper has changed his name to Snoop Lion for his ‘Reincarnated’ project and as well as turning his hand to singing, he’s dropping expletives for the first time.

He told “I’m kind of watching what I’m saying. Before I never had to watch what I was saying, because I didn’t give a f**k, because it was coming from my heart.

“I was speaking from a young adolescent who was an ex-gangbanger, ex-drug dealer, I was speaking what I thought was best at the time, which was what I was going through.

“But as an older man I have to speak on things that make a difference and things that matter – using my power the right way to say something.”

The star – real name Calvin Broadus – also said he’s found a new positive attitude and now wants to spread a different message with his music.

He added: “The world needs positivity and music that feels good. Because music is a relief. That’s what it does: It relives your pain, it relives anything that you’re going through.

“When you go to a club or go in your car and put on your music it’s for relief.”