A benevolent society, “Fa Woho Bo Awurade Kuo” of Sorodae, a suburb of Koforidua has presented food items worth over two million cedis to the children’s ward of the Regional Hospital in Koforidua.

Among the items were fruits, loaves of bread, canned food, toilet rolls and assorted soap.

Presenting the items, the chairman of the society, Mr Obed Boateng Asamoah said the society which was formed not too long ago, was aimed at helping members of the society and their community to develop.

He said, as part of activities towards the inauguration of the society on Easter Monday, the members of the society decided to donate the items to the sick children at the hospital as a way of sympathizing with them during the Easter festivities.

Receiving the items on behalf of the hospital, Ms Kafui, Gadotor, a nurse at the ward, on behalf of management of the hospital and parents of children at the ward, expressed her appreciation to the society for the presentation.

She said, some of the parents of the sick children had not got the necessary resources to support their wards at the hospital and at a time, when some of the children were discharged, they continued to be at the ward because their parents could not afford the medical fees.

Ms. Gadotor said the presentation would help alleviate some of the pressures on some of the parents and expressed the hope that, the society would grow and always have the resources to make more donations to the ward.

Source: GNA


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