Spillage at Weija Dam imminent

The Ghana Water Company has asked residents living downstream the intake point of the Weija Dam to evacuate the area.

This has become necessary because the Weija Dam may not be able to hold the increasing volume of water which is currently just below the maximum level of 48 feet.

Accra East Communications Manager of Aqua Vitens Rand Limited, Nana Yaw Barima Barnie told Joy News the spillage would save the dam from collapsing, and warned that those who fail to evacuate may be taken by surprise.

He explained that the company was not sure when the dam would be opened, hence the need to forewarn the people to start moving.

“We do not have a particular day on which we will do it,” Mr Barnie said.

The evacuation would forestall loss of lives and property as had happened in previous spillage.

Source: Joy News/