Highlife/Afrobeat artiste, Stone Gee, is set to release the visuals for his ‘No More’ tune later this month.

The song is a fusion of both the highlife and afrobeat genres, which will blow the minds of music lovers, was released a few months ago and has done very well on the music scene.

Shot and directed by young and talented music video director, ‘Currency Da Digital Rasta’ of Flex Entertainment, the video will impact the local music video scene.

According to his management, “The video will be out by the close of the month. Just hope for the best. It is something new, and fans should expect some surprises. It is something for the eyes only”.

The perfectly synchronised video has some beautifully choreographed scenes and could be a contender for the video of the year award next year.

The song is a masterpiece that music lovers, especially highlife/afrobeat music, would appreciate.

It is unclear what level Stone Gee is targeting, but photos from the video shoot set are still sizzling.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the video were released a few days ago, and from his manager, Stone Gee is really serving something unique that is likely to garner worldwide attention.

It promises a lot of interesting visuals for music video lovers and Stone Gee’s large fan base.
Ghanaian music enthusiasts only have to keep their fingers crossed and watch out for something hot and sexy.

The shoot wrapped up about a week ago. Its locations included kri8 Lounge near the West Hills Mall, Labadi Beach, Paradise Residence, among others.

However, the full details of the video story will be out when the video hits the big screens.

‘No More’ was produced by the Dream Team made up of Joshua Tetteh (King Jay’s Beat), Joseph Kojo Sam (Mr Sarge) and Richard Essien (Magic Rocker).

Stone Gee, born Kwame Ayi Kwaw, is a talented singer in the making and his upcoming video is the first of a series of things to happen to his music career.

His management said, “There are other videos to follow. His upcoming album is almost ready and will be out next year.”

There is also an upcoming nationwide tour, which is still in its planning stages.

Stone Gee is beginning to attract attention in Ghana and Africa, so the video obviously would help garner more followers.

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