Kosi Yankey-Ayeh and Patience Akyianu

If you have always wondered how to become an independent and leading lady, Strong and Sassy says people in your environment and space determine how far you go in life and what exactly you can achieve.

Discussing how to become a leading lady as part of the International Women’s week celebration, host Aminwaa Anim-Addo engaged her two guests; Patience Akyianu and Kosi Yankey-Ayeh on Wednesday’s show.

The Executive Director of the National Board for Small Scale Industries, Kosi Yankey-Ayeh intimated that there is no definite and right way to becoming a leading lady.

“When you talk about building capacity in a lot of situations, people just think it is about going to school, or taking a course or a class.”

She also discouraged the ideology of wanting a fast and flexible achievement which most often does not withstand the test of time.

To her, acquiring technical, leadership and soft skills take time.

She was emphatic that socialization agencies including schools, workplaces and being with friends are very essential for one to attain his or her dream

This is because people spend a lot of time with family, work and school colleagues during their prime.

“One thing I have come to learn and from my experience is that life really prepares you in some ways,” she added

Also sharing her experience was Chief Executive Officer of Hollard Ghana, Patience Akyianu who advised women not to only settle as the exact copies of leading women but also aim for more.

All women have different purposes and due to that have different stories, she explained.

“I think my life is really being ordered by God and everything falls in place to align to my destiny. My experiences whether good or bad all line up and have made me who I am and where I am today.

“So it is about giving everything you are doing your best shot and believe that your steps are being guided and being directed to where God wants you to be,” she added.

Here are some more takeaways from the show:

• Build capacity for the dream, show up every day and don’t let the thought of giving up find any space in your psyche.
• Be mentored, you can only go so far by yourself, you need someone to help you, point out your blind spots to you. Be intentional and deliberate about being mentored
• Cultivate friendships, be intentional and remember iron sharpens iron.
• Prepare to take risks, so you can build, step outside your comfort zone and don’t be risk averse
• Be visible, don’t run from the spotlight, put yourself out there, share your story.
• Don’t worry about being liked. Life is not a congeniality contest and it’s definitely not a competition, accept that not everyone will like you.

Watch the stream for the show below:

Animwaa Anim-Addo is the host of Strong & Sassy on Joy FM and a co-host of the Super Morning Show.