Thousands of residents in the Northern regional capital Tamale on Thursday embarked on a demonstration to protest what they described as faulty pre-paid meters installed recently in their homes.

The residents are demanding the Volta River Authority (VRA) to immediately remove all the newly installed pre-paid meters in region.

The residents later presented a petition to the Regional Co-ordinating director of the Northern Regional Council, Alhassan Issahak.

Leader of the Progressive Citizens Association of Tamale, Alhassan Mohammed Hafi, is accusing the VRA of not undertaking any sensitization program before installing the meters.

He told Multi TV’s correspondent Mohammed Hashmin the new meters are not cost effective.

According to him, he bought 50 cedis worth of credit but it got finished in no time.

The VRA and its allied groups have embarked on the pre-paid meter installation to bring to an end the situation in which residents use post paid meters and failed to pay for it.

But Mohammed Hafi said there has been no education or information on the new policy.

He warned the VRA to remove the prepaid meters installed or be held responsible for anything that happens to them.