A chief witness in the sacked Gifty Tehoda case has defended the decision by the Police administration to sack the former Deputy Commander in charge of the Commercial Crimes Unit.

Chief Superintendent Natogmah Aggrey, who is also the Madina Divisional Police Commander told a Human Rights Court in Accra on Thursday that the plaintiff did not fully cooperate with the Police Central Disciplinary board set up to investigate charges of misconduct leveled against her.

Gifty Tehoda was dismissed three years ago by the Police administration following a cocaine scandal that rocked the nation.

Her case began on September 27, 2011 when one Nana Ama Martins was arrested for possessing large parcels of substances suspected to be cocaine.

The cocaine, under some mysterious circumstances turned into bicarbonate or baking soda.

DSP Tehoda was linked to the disappearance of the cocaine and was interdicted and subsequently dismissed from the Service.

Prior to her dismissal, she was also charged and prosecuted but was later acquitted.

Not happy with how she was treated by the police administration, DSP Gifty Tahoda proceeded to the Human Rights Court challenging the decision by the police administration to dismiss her.

Principal State Attorney, Cecil Adadevor, led the principal witness in testimony for the Respondent.

Natogmah Aggrey, who also acted as the adjudicating officer of the central disciplinary board set up to investigate the Tehoda case, told the court, the plaintiff offered to give oral and not written testimony to the investigative body but after a few sittings she opted out.

In all, nine charges of misconduct were leveled against her.

Natogmah Aggrey reported DSP Tehoda as saying she could no longer be part of the proceedings because at the same time she was being prosecuted in the same manner.

But her decision not to take part in the investigations did not stop the police from proceeding with the investigations, Natogmah told the court.

According to him, eight witnesses were called and interrogated on the circumstances under which the cocaine disappeared after which recommendations, including her dismissal, were made.

The case has been adjourned to January 8/9 for cross-examination of the principal witness.