Research has found that you need something interesting every 10 minutes, that sparks you emotionally to stay focused of a particular subject.

The human attention span continues to shrink down to an average of 8 seconds down to 4 seconds within 15 years.

Its a wonder to know what will be left as old age catches up with us and our priorities change and multiply.

What makes this shrinking exercise so exciting? Normally it should be a problem but to every problem is an opportunity.

The beauty in this is that our unassured attention span teaches us in prioritizing and giving due attention to what is important, If something matters, all lengths are explored to gain most knowledge from it, even if it takes hours.

Like watching a movie we are interested in, paying full attention to the lyrics of a song we love, attending to a lecture we love. Such activities can not be quantified in such a manner.

Most movies we watch on Crime such as CSI Miami and the likes that drive suspense in us keeps us excited, although we do not know the whole story yet, we are so involved, as confused as we can possibly be, we keep our attention right where it is, i.e The Movie

How we apply our attention to different tasks depends very much on the importance individuals bring to that situation.

We’ve got a wealth of information in our heads about what normally happens in given situations, what we can expect. And those expectations and our experience directly mould what we see and how we process information in any given time.