Every story can be told. The tricky part of telling a story, however, is making a case where there is little or no evidence. But that part is always well managed by fiction to facilitate the individual thought in understanding what might have actually happened – Victor Brachie


High rates in expenditure or prices of goods are drilling a nation down, creating potholes in the middle of smooth roads, indeed this country might have come to the end of a hill, where there are no other options than to jump down and commit suicide, then a fresh group of citizens will emerge to build a new nation with caution being their hallmark.

What have we not considered as a country, we have drafted several financial directives, had people raise question mark about it, other measures have been born yet none seems to really pull us from our deadly struggle against the titans of a spirited goddess, only one thing might elevate us from this disaster…

God should hold on the sun like He did for Joshua, till we conquer these devils and trash them all about in the wilderness and feed their bodies to the birds of the skies.

Hello Everyone, I have been approached several times on why I choose to write an article called THE DRONE, at first I did not have any answer to give, but when I eventually analyzed the source from which the passion to write THE DRONE came from, I was thrilled, how did I miss that angle, so I picked my phone and explained to every single person who had taken the trouble to ask me why I chose to write THE DRONE.

What went wrong with the decision of using a portion of a loan for sanitary pads for our girls might have come from the devil in his own fire camp, but what if we did not ask the relevant questions on such a decision that pushes all the angels in heaven into their catacombs?

So many answers have been asked for, but who is in the perfect position to grant insulting answers to the people who demand them, not citizens but ordinary citizens with dual citizenship will live up to finding these answers and providing them through their regular forums.

Probably, researchers at Oxford University, University of Chicago and the University of Michigan can expose their research to us.

I deem not to know as a writer of the Drone, but what I can assure my readers is that, a blow which is inevitably yours when earlier received will extricate you from torrential hostilities.

So, the drone was able to easily figure out that a think basin could not have been contracted by the Universal Bank to undertake capacity and expenditure analysis on Secondary Schools in Ghana and particularly justify the construction of 200 secondary schools for the government.

They might have done their job and indeed the Universal Bank had granted a $156m loan to Government for the construction of schools.

However, the Think Basin terms of reference did not include analysing why female school pupils needed sanitary pads, so they cannot even tell the good people of this country how that decision was reached.

Although sanitary pads might be needed by school pupils, should it be supplied by using a portion of a loan to get it done? Which company will then be asked to provide these pads… Yaxx Sanitary Pads, or Kospon Group of companies? The Drone will find out.

The Drone is very sure funds for this could be brutally abused as we did to free laptops for kids without educational content, but just a pictorial greeting of our humble president, desktop icons, and spaces for the user to copy and paste relevant issues on the local disk C or D, highly coded and easily broken with an expert from the world bank.

The scholarship fund of 15m is great, very marvellous, but some thinkers believe it should never be managed by the Scholarship Secretariat; neither should it be managed by the special desk at the seat of the government, the "Flagship" house. Maybe sharing the scholarship might see their children there or me, because I can also benefit.

The Universal Bank can, The Drone is just proposing… The Universal Bank should cede the scholarship fund to a private body, specialized private body made of important CSO's in education and businesses to invest the fund and professionally choose needy recipients like myself since I am also needy.

An interesting comment on facebook by a famous man in Ghana said that “there was zero chance using this facility merely for electoral purpose”.

Government won’t be able to run away from the very hard work of upgrading outcomes in secondary education which is the promise they have made to the "Universal Bank". They literally have to keep one promise in other to fulfil the other; this is like a puzzle game.

In a puzzle game, if you fail to keep to the track and think of a possible alternative to use, you will beat your own self to never completing and totally draining your strength out for nothing worthwhile.

A 2009 study by the Oxford University, titled "Impact of providing sanitary pads to poor girls in Africa" also suggests, among other things, "that distributing either sanitary pads or puberty education through the schools was, at least in Ghana, entirely inappropriate because it contributes to the already high risk of in-school sexual abuse when teachers are mostly males." Which is so true in our rural areas, even in the urban centres, the majority of male teachers are like the sand at the sea shore as compared to female teachers.

Our passion for our girls’ education is needed, but can we abuse such situations to enrich ourselves?

This writing is fictional and any resemblances being it name or association is highly coincidental.


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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.