The National Theatre Friday night, November 19, was just a beautiful sight to behold as Kwaw Ansah’s latest work, The Good Old Days – The Love of AA, movie was being premiered.

Prior to the premiere of the much anticipated movie, patrons were treated to the true taste of Ghanaian culture laced with scenes of the good old days.

Kwaw Ansah truly knew the good old days and he did bring them back to life last night.

Mixed with pomp and pageantry, invited guest and patrons were greeted by beautifully dressed ‘dipo’ girls amidst majestic dance moves that easily caught the eye and excitement of many.

Soon, the National Theatre was filled with anxious people who were more than ready to see another history unfold in their very eyes.

Majestically, Ghana’s renowned satirist, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) walked to the stage to take up the role of MC.

Noted for his mastery when it comes to stage craft and comedy, KSM was instantly at his job. He revealed a tangle between Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, former flag-bearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) who was also in attendance, and himself on his request to be Nduom’s vice presidential candidate.

KSM said Dr Nduom turned that down, rather offering to be a vice presidential candidate to KSM and his Nokofio Party. This drew a lot of laughter from the audience and set the stage for the grand premiere but that was not after a special tribute performance in honour of the late Mac Tontoh who died August this year. Two young talented kids performed a song written by Kwaw Ansah in 1959 for Mac Tontoh and Teddy Osei.