The Chief Executive of investment banking firm, FirstBanc Financial Services, Mr. Samuel Asiedu, has advised Ghanaians to think beyond the present and invest to cater for the future.

He said every Ghanaian must critically decide on how much of the money they earn should be spent and how much they must set aside for the future.

Many, he said, tend to think that they are not earning enough and therefore decide to spend everything they get on their present needs.

But Mr. Asiedu said every Ghanaian must resist the temptation to do this.

He was speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday on new investment portfolios being run by FirstBanc Financial Services.

“We know about the recent [floods and fire] tragedy and I think certainly some people have lost their businesses. The question is, have they invested? We heard about layoffs recently; people losing their jobs in manufacturing, mining etc. The question is, have they done some investment?”, he quizzed.

Think tomorrow, invest today - Firstbanc CEO counsels Ghanaians

He said it was because of such eventualities that it has become necessary to commit a part of one’s earnings to some investment.

“You should apply these three things to your income: spend some, save and invest some,” he stated.

Tapping into the old saying that little drops of water make a mighty ocean, Mr. Asiedu said with just 20 cedis, one can start investing in many of the investment portfolios run by FirstBanc.

He said people should set aside between five to ten percent of their annual income for investment in order to properly secure their future.

Mr Asiedu said such money should be lodged in an account at Firstbanc to be invested in say the First Fund.

He listed pension fund management, asset/fund management, corporate finance and advisory services and brokerage services as the four core business areas that Firstbanc has assembled a team unparalleled competence to serve their clients.

The Head of Asset Management, Alex Owusu Acheampong, spoke about the collective investment scheme “as a fund that seeks to pool funds from investors and then we at FirstBanc manage it on their behalf and per the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rules, we are supposed to have a custodian which keeps the funds on behalf of our clients.”