Two Public Officials fight over bungalow

Two top public officials on Thursday, traded insults over who had the right to occupy a government bungalow in Cantonment, Accra.

The tempers of the Director of Human Resource at the Local Government Services, Charles Kotey and Dr Thomas Kofi Adu of the Geological Services Department flared but they fell short of exchanging fisticuffs.

They each eloquently, albeit in anger, argued why they have the rights to the bungalow, with Joy News’ Nana Agyei Essuman acting as the arbiter.

Charles Kotey claims to have been staying in the bungalow for over three months but admitted his detractor occupied it, and used it only as a hotel.

“I happen to stay in the bungalow [because when] the bungalow was identified there was nobody staying in it, the guy who was staying in it was just coming only in the night. He was using the place as a hotel,” he alleged.

He did not understand why he as a Director of HR at the Local Government Services will be denied a bungalow whilst a Deputy Director at Geological Services will be allocated one.

He accused Kofi Adu of hiring muscled men to throw his things out of the bungalow, after an ejection notice was issued.

But Kofi Adu also insists he is the rightful occupant of the bungalow.

According to him he travelled out of the country to South Africa on a national assignment and on his return his bungalow had been broken into by Mr Kotey.

Asked whether he broke into the bungalow, Mr. Kotey admitted breaking a single padlock under the impression the bungalow was unoccupied.

Kofi Adu said he is back now and will take over his bungalow. He dismissed assertions that he was not staying in the house.

Nana Essuman reports calm returned after several interventions by residents but that was after household items including food stuffs, furniture had been littered on the streets.

Mr. Adu is said to have left the scene. It is not too clear if he will return.

Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Water Resources Works and Housing, Abraham Otabil told the ministry will officially react to the incident shortly.

Play the attached audio for excerpts of the verbal confrontation.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/