Two soldiers crushed in an accident

Two soldiers were Monday night involved in a ghastly accident, when the saloon car they were driving skidded off the road and ran into a wall mangling the car in the process.

The driver had cuts and bruises on the face, but his colleague at the passenger side who was severely hit by the accident had his lower and upper limbs badly broken in parts.

The accident happened at the Deliman Fuel Station, few meters from the Avenor Junction in Accra.

Eyewitnesses told that the car with registration number AS 7603 V was heading towards Kwame Nkrumah Circle on a top speed. It broke the defence wall of the fuel station, ran through it before jumping about a 5-feet gutter to finally hit a wall at the edge of the gutter. The wall developed cracks, and due to the magnitude of the impact, the car was forced to somersault back across the gutter.

One of the eyewitnesses said they had to use iron bars, cutlass and other improvised devices to cut part of the car to remove one of the soldiers who was trapped in the car half conscious.

Ibrahim Manaba, a security man at the Deliman Oil, who happened to be at the scene when the accident happened, said the car just passed like a flash and all he could hear was a loud bang sound.

“The car was coming at a top speed and of a sudden it just hit the wall and somersaulted before we went and raised it and removed the driver and the other person. They were all soldiers.”