Acaye Kerunen's artwork has a sustainability angle

Ugandan art was given special recognition at the Venice Biennale, as the prestigious exhibition opened this weekend in Italy.

Uganda was represented at Venice for the first time. Its pavilion shows the works of Acaye Kerunen, who collaborates with craftswomen from different parts of the country to create her pieces, and Collin Sekajugo, whose paintings manipulate stock images.

Ms Kerunen was delighted to receive the recognition and told the BBC it came at a huge surprise.

“I’m still recovering,” she said.

“It’s a very historic moment…Uganda is again in the limelight for the right reasons.”

The jury said that the special mention to Uganda was “in acknowledgement of their vision, ambition and commitment to art and working in their country.”

“Acaye Kerunen in her choice of sculptural materials like bark-clothed rafia illustrates sustainability as a practice and not just a policy or concept,” they added.

The biennial takes place in the Italian city until 27 November.

Ugandan art gets special nod at Venice Biennale
Anorther Ugandan artist, Collin Sekajugo, manipulates stock images in his work