Unilever Ghana has launched a new variant of its oral care products, Pepsodent dubbed Pepsodent Herbal.

This was unveiled at an event was held at the Legon Botanical Gardens as an ode to the natural composition of the new variant and the growing consumer preference for Unilever’s natural products.

With all Covid-19 protocols being observed, guests were hosted to a serene atmosphere and serenaded with a live music performance from a saxophonist.

According to representatives at the event, the new Pepsodent Herbal is infused with Green Tea herbal extracts to provide consumers strong teeth, gums, and all-round cavity protection.

Pepsodent still remains the same trusted brand in Ghana’s oral care sector and the new Pepsodent Herbal with natural herbal formula ushers in an exciting period for the brand as it continues its mission to help improve people’s oral health.

Being the first to lay their hands on the new variant, some of the guests could not hide their excitement when samples were shared.

They admired the new package and showed their eagerness to introduce the new product to friends and family.

Meanwhile, the representatives of Pepsodent Ghana assured consumers that they will love the great brushing experience they get from Pepsodent Herbal with its green tea flavor and distinctive mouth feel.

They further urged Ghanaians to make brushing day and night a part of their daily lifestyle routine.