The Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the United Cadres Front (UCF) says the identity of the Cadre movement within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is certain and no group of persons could disrupt that.

“We are aware of a number of challenges bordering on the evolution of the role of Cadres as a group within the ranks of the NDC. However, the leadership of the UCF in consultation with the party hierarchy is working assiduously to resolve these issues at the District, Regional and National levels,” says the Chairman of the IMC of the UCF.

Comrade Shine Gaveh, in a press briefing at the national headquarters of the NDC, indicated that, “It is important to state that, the United Cadres Front of Ghana is the Cadre group that is duly registered and recognized by the NDC.”

Comrade Gaveh, together with other members of the IMC, observed how the enviable role played by the UCF in the interest of the NDC was under siege and therefore the need to correct certain anomalies for UCF could play her role dutifully in fostering the progress of the NDC family.

Comrade Gaveh urged all Cadres to remain calm and disciplined as the committee took the necessary steps to address all concerns, including those that had been expressed by Cadres across the country.

“We wish to emphasize that, as Cadres, we are as always determined to fight for the interest of the masses, and by so doing, ginger and energize the NDC to once again recapture political power in 2024 in the interest of our people who are demanding nothing less than probity, accountability, transparency and social justice,” Comrade Gaveh said.

The United Cadres Front is the umbrella organization of Cadres of the NDC, and was formed in 2003 as a coalition of the representatives of all members of past revolutionary organs within the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress.