The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has raised grave concerns regarding the surge in Covid-19 cases in the country.

“Recent Covid-19 spikes in Ghana with 391 new cases increasing the total active cases to 2,413 and 361 deaths as well as the report of the new strain in the country should be of grave concern to every Ghanaian at this point,” the Commission said in a statement sighted by JoyNews.

According to the Commission, the number of deaths being reported is alarming, hence requires the immediate and rapt attention of Ghanaians.

Citizens who hold the perception that the virus is a hoax are also being cautioned to be mindful since Covid-19 is no respecter of person.

The National Commission for Civic Education joins earlier calls made by other concerned institutions on the need to embrace necessary safety measures lest the pandemic spreads.

In a statement dated Friday, January 22, the Commission stated: “The fact is that more people are dying daily from the Covid-19 virus and this cannot be business as usual. This is the more reason why the NCCE passionately appeals to every Ghanaian to as a matter of urgency take personal responsibility to safeguard our safety in these unusual times.

“The severity of the reported cases and the lethal nature of the new strain of Covid-19, present a greater burden to every citizen to observe stricter precautionary measures put forward by the Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Health and the Government to contain the situation.”

The mandatory wearing of masks, social or physical distancing, handwashing with soap under running water, using alcohol-based hand sanitiser frequently, according to the Commission, will help reduce the contraction risk and put the spread of Covid-19 at bay.

Again, the Commission admonished persons wherever they find themselves, be it at funerals, weddings, market centres, lorry stations among others to observe the safety guidelines.

Now that schools are in full session, the Commission explained that stakeholders are obliged to ensure the safety of their students.

In addition, the NCCE is also entreating “operators of transport unions, schools, ‘chop bar’/restaurants, markets, faith-based organisations, event organisers, recreational and entertainment centres to institute and insist on strict adherence to the safety measures” during day to day activities.

The Commission, however, says failure to follow these measures, especially the wearing of nose masks warrant specific sanctions as stated in E.I. 164 (NO.10), under section 6 of Act 1012.

Persons found culpable will be charged between one to five thousand penalty units, equivalent to GH₵12,000.00 and GH₵60, 000.00 or incarceration between four to ten years or both.

Meanwhile, the Commission is urging citizens who show signs and symptoms of Covid-19 to reach the hotline, 112 for immediate assistance.