Kofi Kinaata (credit: Instagram - @kinaatagh)

While performing ‘Odo Pa’ at the 22nd edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), on June 26, in honour of Castro, Hiplife artiste Kofi Kinaata after a few minutes walked off the stage.

This reaction got viewers talking with some stating that the musician, who was introduced to the world by Castro, should have been given more time on stage.

However, in an interview on TV Africa, Kofi Kinaata, revealed that he walked off the stage not because he had been given a limited time but because he got emotional during the performance.

The ‘Things Fall Apart’ hitmaker said that he did not know what happened to him during the show but after he sang the first verse he could not continue while reminiscing on the times he spent performing with Castro.

“I was going to be very much engaged alongside Kurl Songx and Sarkodie. When I started my verse, usually it is him and I on stage, I didn’t know what was happening so I just got off the stage,” he said.

Kofi Kinaata admitted that he cried when he got backstage.

Organisers of the 22nd Vodafone Ghana Music Award, Charterhouse, honoured the memory of Hiplife recording artiste, Theophilus Tagoe, known in music circles as Castro, at the event held on Saturday.

A short documentary highlighting his impact on the music industry was played at 22nd VGMA.

After the short video played, musician Kurl Songx took to the stage to perform Castro’s ‘Toffee’.

He was later joined by Kofi Kinaata to perform ‘Odo Pa’. The hit Castro released, that introduced the Takoradi-based Hiplife artiste to Ghanaians.

Sarkodie also made a surprise appearance to perform ‘Adonai’ which featured Castro. ‘Adonai’ remains Sarkodie’s most streamed song on YouTube with over 81m views and on Spotify with over 17m streams.

Kofi Kinaata said in the interview that Castro was a mentor, a Godfather and a big inspiration for him since he was young.

“He [Castro] is from Effiakuma. Most of the times when we were kids, when we watch tv and see people performing, we feel like they are on TV because they’re from certain areas.”

“They are on TV because they are in Accra. So for me to see Castro from Effiakuma on TV, it was very big,” he said.

Kofi Kinaata said he misses Castro very much and wishes he was here.

Castro is dead, legally

On the seventh anniversary of his disappearance, the Hiplife artiste, born Theophilus Tagoe, was presumed legally dead.

According to the Evidence Act, 1975 (N.R.C.D. 323) when a person has not been heard from in seven years despite the efforts to search for that person, he or she will be presumed dead.

Section 33 of Act titled, ‘Death after seven years absence’, reads, “where a person has not been heard of for seven years despite diligent effort whether or not within that period, to find that person, that person is presumed to be dead. There is no presumption as to the particular time when that person died.”

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