Volta Regional Minister, Ford Kamel, has hinted that the region may be blessed with more minerals including uranium.

Kamel, who until his appointment, was Deputy Mines and Natural Resources Minister, said some studies conducted in the past confirmed the presence of abundant minerals in the region and he believes once work begins on extraction, the Volta Region will compete with the Western region which is currently home to Ghana’s oil production.

The regional Minister was speaking at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Lord’s Pentecostal Church International, at Peki.

“The European Union did a lot of studies. In this region there is a lot of gold, there is bauxite, there is uranium, even uranium the possibility is there.

“Then above all in the Keta Basin the oil that we have it is possible that the quality of oil that we have is even better than the Western Region.

Henry Ford Kamel said the Volta Region also has a huge potential for salt production which can serve the whole of West Africa.