The Alumni group of the Volta Region Association of the University of Ghana is demanding the immediate withdrawal of ‘offensive Ewe’ textbooks from the system.

In a strong worded statement signed by the Group Chairman, Noah Agbeko Dumenya, rejected the tags placed on the Ewe ethnic group and called on the publisher to render an unqualified apology.

They also threatened to take legal actions against the publisher should he fail to withdrawal the said books from the shelves.

Their statement follows a Class 3 ‘History of Ghana’ textbook, published by Badu Nkansah talking about how Ewes relate to other ethnic groups in an unfriendly manner but cherished their own. 

Below is the full statement issued by VORSA-Legon Alumni Group:

The Alumni Group of the Volta Region Students’ Association of the University of Ghana (VORSA- Legon) has seen with utter disdain some books supposed to have been approved by GES for use by School Children in the basic Schools.

These books contain very wrong information and pregnant with distortion of history.

In the strongest of terms, we reject the tag placed on the Ewe ethnic group and demand for total withdrawal of the books before it gets too late.

We have lived with the bitter stereotypical mentalities and negative prejudices about the Ewe ethnic group for a very long time. We have been working hard to correct these wrong perceptions.

What is nauseating and disgusting is to write those factual inaccuracies in books for children to imbibe. This is a hit below the belt, we reject it vehemently.

The books are produced by Badu Nkansah Publishers and Golden English Publishers and others.

Portions of these books are insulting to the Ewe ethnic group and stands a threat to national peace and security. It seems there is grand scheme to cower the Ewe ethnic group into silence.

Effective immediately, we demand the following;

  1. That; those books are withdrawn from the system and discarded.
  2. That; A proper apology be rendered directly to the Ewe ethnic group
  3. That; NaCCA and GES ensure that due diligence is done before approving books for schools
  4. That; We will take on the publishers if the NaCCA and GES fail in the discharge of their responsibilities to bring them to order.
  5. That; Booksellers and distributors across the country ensure their textbooks are approved by NaCCA before retailing or face the consequences in coming days.

We will go all out to defend the integrity and the true identity of the people of the Ewe extraction without fear or favour. Enough is enough!

Thank you

Noah Agbeko Dumenya

Chairman, VORSA-Legon Alumni