The Wa Municipal Assembly has paid off all its outstanding debts, completed all outstanding projects and has started to initiate new projects with its share of the District Assembly Common Fund, Mr. Duogu Yakubu, Chief Executive, has said.

The assembly received the first and second quarter allocations of the District Assembly Common Fund for 2010, totaling 241,212.91, which had been used to pay off its debts and completed outstanding projects.

Mr. Yakubu was addressing members of the Wa Municipal Assembly at its third ordinary session to dissolve the assembly, whose members four year mandate had come to an end.

He said the assembly has made significant gains on its revenue targets, collecting 207,250.67 Ghana Cedis as at August, representing 76 per cent as against 272,030 estimated for the year.

According to him, medium term development focus of the assembly would now include the construction of more stores at the Wa Central Market, completion of the office complex block, physical planning of the municipality, development of the industrial site and facilitating local economic development.

On education, Mr. Yakubu announced that the assembly had taken delivery of the first consignment of 79,388 free exercise books and 175,075 note one exercise books for distribution to school children in the municipality.

The assembly had also received 2,000 pieces of school uniform, made up of 1,000 each for boys and girls and had asked the municipal director of education to furnish the it with the distribution format for smooth supply of the uniforms.

Mr. Yakubu said the Getfund, the District Development Fund, and the District Wide Assistance Programme had provided the assembly with 557,535.70 Ghana Cedis in 2009.

The amount had been invested in the construction of six unit classroom blocks and ancillary facilities, three unit classroom blocks and ancillary facilities, two Day Care Centres and the supply of furniture to all the newly constructed schools in the municipality.

From the same funding sources, the assembly would construct six unit classroom blocks and ancillary, three unit classroom blocks and ancillary facilities, Day Care Centre and supply of furniture to schools at a total cost of 849,081.41 Ghana Cedis, Mr. Yakubu said.

Source: GNA