Mr. Avedzi is questioning why only $700,000 has been allocated to households while $7million is for contact tracing

Deputy Minority Leader, James Klutse Avedzi has said the Minority hopes to utilise its strength to benefit Ghanaians.

He made this statement on PM Express when the host, Evans Mensah asked “what do you say to those who say in your unique powers that your constituents gave you, you have grossly squandered it in the last few months and this vetting has exposed the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of Ghanaians?”

Responding to the question, he said he disagrees with the description that Minority has misused their opportunity given to them by Ghanaians by making Parliament an even one.

“I think that the opportunity given to us by the people of Ghana where we now have a hung parliament for the fact that the independent member decided to work with the Majority side or NPP side making them the Majority now is for a term of 4 years so I will not agree with you on that description that we have missed the opportunity,” he said.

According to him, “Minority has a 4-year term and hopes to utilize their strength as Minority in many things yet to come.”

Mr Ayedzi said though the Minority has been lambasted by their supporters over certain critical decisions, they hope to put it behind them and rater see to how best they can use their strength to make gains.

“We have discussed it over and over and we have forgotten about it. So let’s not resurrect them it’s regrettable so let’s just put it aside,” he said

He further assured the members of the NDC that they are willing to use the opportunity given them to benefit all Ghanaians adding that they should keep their hopes alive as there could be change in figures in the court cases running.