Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Communications Africa Ltd ( Stratcomm Africa) Esther Cobbah says Ghanaians must rethink their careers; explore and nurture their God-given talents as professional opportunities.

She was sharing her life’s story and journey into the world of communications with Rev. Albert Ocran as part of the Engine Room series on Springboard, Your Virtual University on Joy FM.

The award-winning Communications Consultant revealed that “people are making wealth deploying the talents God has given them.”

“We have all been created with different talents, so you find people in the corporate world who also have a passion for something else”, Esther Cobbah added.

Talking about her Annual Flower and Garden Show, Madam Cobbah said, “the show is actually stealing a lot of people from things that they were doing that they really were not enjoying, and they are now focused on making a difference with their talents.

Below are the Top 10 Lessons from Esther Cobbah

1. The World as a Garden. Celebrating our flora and fauna is part of good stewardship of God’s earth. So, likewise, we need to take good care of the world God has given us.

2. #MyBeautifulGhana: When we appreciate our beautiful ideas, beautiful plants, beautiful talents and beautiful people, we become healthier and wealthier.

3. Talents. We need to rethink our careers; explore and nurture our God-given talents as professional opportunities.

4. Early Career Focus: I grew up interested in anything related to the development and promoting mutual understanding. I never related them to communication.

5. Introduction to Communication: Interestingly, a town crier (gong-gong beater) and local hawkers triggered my interest in communications. Their rudimentary messages about banking, spring water and eggs caught my attention.

6. Proud Cyto Girl: I am a proud Cyto girl. I went to public and local authority schools throughout my formative years. The teachers taught us well, and parents had confidence in these schools.

7. PR Pioneering: I studied communication and journalism in school, but at USIS, I found my passion, Communication for National Development. I loved the challenge of pioneering external communications wherever I went.

8. Communication as a Science: Creative communication without a scientific basis is useless. Data is an important foundation for getting it right.

9. Empathy: Effective communication begins and ends with the other party. We often disseminate or transmit information and imagine that we are communicating. There must be mutual understanding, and it starts with listening.

10. Governance: There can never be good governance without effective communication. That’s why a government can be convinced that it serves the people and yet gets voted out.

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