The Drobo Traditional Council, in the Jaman South Municipal of the Bono Region, has said they will use every available means to resist the imposition of street names in their communities.

They want the President and the government to intervene in the standoff between the Jaman Municipal Assembly and the Drobo Traditional Council in the choice of names for their streets.

A fifteen-point petition, signed by Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, president of the Drobo Traditional Council, said they submitted to the municipal assembly recognized existing names for the various streets at Drobo, and other proposed names for other streets within the Traditional Area.

This, they said is according to the policy framework in the ongoing street naming exercise where existing recognized and historical street names are mandatory to be retained.

The Council insists their proposed names are also in line with and in agreement with the stated principles guiding the assigning of street names in the policy framework of the street naming project, generally provided for implementation in Ghana.

The statement explained their proposed names were carefully selected upon broader consultation with the Chiefs and people to reflect their culture, tradition, historical, distinguished personalities, cherished landmarks, and generally promote the image of Drobo.

At a recent meeting with the officials from the Jaman South Municipal Assembly, in charge of the street naming project, the Paramount Chief and members of the Drobo traditional council “noted with utmost surprise the names purportedly assigned to the various streets at Drobo and its surrounding communities were at variance with the names provided by the Traditional council and were in serious contradiction with the street naming standard in the policy document and the guiding principles for assigning of street names”, the statement said.

They claim the Physical Planning department of the Assembly is supposed to embark on the street naming exercise in consultation with the traditional authorities, but that seems to have been breached.

They alleged names such as Timbuctu, Casablanca, Monrovia, and Olive are some of the street names the Assembly brought forward.

The Traditional Council argued such names have no historical or cultural significance, or connection to the Drobo community and will not in any way promote the image of the communities.

“We take strong exception to the street names from the Assembly”, the Council in the statement said, adding, “We completely reject the names provided and have unanimously resolved to lawfully resist any attempt to forcefully impose street names in our communities”.

They appealed to the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and the government to reconsider its stand on the matter and give consideration to the names they submitted that reflect the cultural identity, sentiments, and aspirations of the Drobo Traditional Council and the people of Drobo in the Drobo streets naming.