Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby has responded to notices by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu to pursue vigorously, his prosecution and that of Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani for alleged malfeasance during Ghana’s celebration of her 50th independence anniversary.

Wereko-Brobby, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana at 50 Secretariat that supervised the celebrations, and Mpiani, Chairman of the anniversary planning committee, were discharged by the High court Tuesday from charges of willfully causing financial loss to the state on the grounds that findings of a commission of enquiry that recommended their prosecution could not be used to prosecute them.

The court also pointed out procedural errors in striking out the case and setting the two free.

But the Attorney General and her deputy, Ebo Barton-Oduro, have served notice they intend to appeal against the court’s decision and get the two men prosecuted. The A-G was specific that she will seek their ‘vigorous’ prosecution.

However, Dr. Wereko-Brobby, on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Wednesday, told Kojo-Oppong Nkrumah he does not think there are any questions for him to answer on Ghana at 50, “absolutely none” and that “it is the prerogative of people if they want to act politically and to score political points, to take decisions to prosecute.

“Fortunately” he said, “under rule of law, the judiciary, an independent judiciary will take judgement, so I cannot envisage the day (when he will be hauled back to court), the Attorney General says she intends to prosecute, she intends to, … What I can tell you is that we intend to vigorously defend our position, to defend our integrity, to defend our honour; don’t forget that our reputations have been dragged through mud for many, many, many years, you know, through insinuations by government, through irresponsible comments by members of the media, through charges that people were even too scared to go and prove. Our reputations mean a lot to us that’s why we intend (1) to appeal the commission’s findings in respect of those areas we are not happy (so) that the findings reflect the facts were presented…”

A day after the court discharged him, Wereko-Brobby said he felt relaxed and enjoying not having to go to court, and as far as he was concerned, the court was clear that if you want to prosecute people, a commission of inquiry is not the route for prosecution and that the constitution is very clear on procedures to be adopted. Per his understanding of the court’s decision, prosecutions emanating from commissions of enquiries carried out in the Kufuor administration were wrong.

And he also thought the A-G ought to tread cautiously, for being the lead legal counsel for the government and also Minister of Justice, she should be seen to be upholding justice and the constitution as a custodian of the rule of law and that it was wrong even in the first place for the A-G to say she was not familiar with the ruling of the court and yet proceed to make value judgements as to the basis of the court’s decision.

Story by Isaac Yeboah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana