There was controversy in the studios of Asempa FM Tuesday during mid-morning show Abrabo, hosted by Maame Akua, over the rights of gays in the country.

While the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Organization on Fatal Alcoholic Syndrome, Amanorbia Doodo argued that homosexuality is an illness and no amount of prayer can change those who are involved, Apostle Abraham Attom of the Resurrection Grace Ministry International, believes whether it is an illness or not, homosexuality is an abomination in the face of God.

Ms. Doodo said those who are enlightened and have travelled the length and breadth of the world would know that the practice is by choice.

She added that those who give birth to children with such syndromes would not say they would kill them, but rather, they try to live with them.

Ms. Doodo who claimed she has a brother and also knows several people engaged in homosexuality, explained that those who were born with it, can never change, but rather those who acquired them could change.

Apostle Abraham Attom said the wrath of God will descend heavily on the nation Ghana just like biblical Sodom and Gomorrah if homosexuals are given recognition.

Story by Kwaku Antwi-Otoo/Asempa FM/Ghana