Did you know World thinking day was observed across the world yesterday? Well of course, not everyone would know about it but that doesn’t downplay its significance.

This day is especially celebrated annually on February 22 by all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

So for a developing nation like Ghana what does this day mean to us? I sampled some interesting views from the streets. While some opined that as Ghanaians we were thinking others disagreed.

The former group speaks out about the problem being implementation and not a lack of creative ideas from critical thinking.

For the latter we cannot be said to be thinking if we are plagued as a nation with the most fundamental problems. They argue we are still struggling with our basic needs.

Here are some more interesting opinions I gathered; “we must think outside the box and/or try finishing our thinking within the box, avoid thinking about trivialities and confusing worrying for thinking”. So are you thinking? Is Ghana a thinking nation?

Renowned educationist and retired diplomat Dr K.B Asante whom I interviewed had some wisdom to share with us all. Though he says Ghanaians are not thinking much he believes they could do more. Dr Asante says the problems facing this nation, citing the Woyome scandal, need serious thinking for better solutions.

Greek philosopher Socrates sums it up in saying the unexamined mind is not worth living.
So guys put on your thinking caps! As Dr K.B. Asante advised-think more talk less!

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