Former Attorney General Martin Amidu is pleading with a Fast Track High Court in Accra to order Alfred Woyome, Waterville and Austro Invest to refund judgment debt payments made to them.

Amidu, who describes himself as a citizen vigilante, is convinced the state wrongfully paid the monies to Woyome and the two companies and has asked the court to refund the money to the state.

Woyome received a little over GH¢ 51 million for what he insisted was the illegal abrogation of a contract his company entered into with the government.

Waterville also received GH¢53,753,318.66, according to the Auditor General’s 2011 report, in a similar contract.

Mr Woyome is already facing prosecution by the state on the same matter, but that case has been unnecessarily protracted because of prosecutors’ consistent failure to produce witnesses.

Unimpressed with what he called the lax of the state in prosecuting the case, Amidu brought his action to the Supreme Court in the capacity of a private citizen.

Mr Amidu was handling the case as Attorney General until the late President John Mills fired him for what the government then called misconduct.

Joy News’ Anny Osabutey, who was in court on Wednesday, stated that Amidu was in court together with the current Attorney General, Woyome’s lawyers and those representing Waterville.

Lawyers for Austro Invest did not turn up, Osabutey reported. According to him, the company has been liquidated, making it difficult for them to be represented.

The defence prayed the court to grant them time to file their response – a request the court granted.