WWE SmackDown star Samoa Joe has challenged the assertion that watching wrestling turns innocent, quiet children into violent ones.

According to him, the safety guidelines of the sport which are severally put out are an indication that the WWE cares about the safety of all who follow the sport.

“Obviously there is violence involved in what we do but that being said it’s not any different from the other programmes that are watched on television.

“I also feel that parents are also very responsible and are able to tell their children what to watch and what not to,” he told Joy Sports during an interaction at the Sandton Sun Hotel in Johannesburg.

The interaction was part of a special WWE Tour of South Africa in collaboration with Super Sport, Multichoice Africa.

“We always run the disclaimer before every show that states clearly to parents and children never to try this at home, leave this to the professionals. This is something we wholeheartedly believe in” Samoa Joe added.

Samoa Joe joined WWE stars including Brawn Stroman, Drew Gulak and Bayley to feature in a recent WWE live event at the Dome in Johannesburg South Africa.

“We have amazing athletes who do amazing things.  We have some good aerialists and guys who put their bodies through the same punishments. But these are highly trained professionals. So I will implore all never ever to do what we do at home,” he added.

Multiple WWE champion Brawn Stroman who headlined the event had a similar response when quizzed on the same subject.

“Children of today are smarter than we think. They may watch WWE which has a lot of physical contact but are able to determine on their own never to engage in any behavior that will harm them,” he told Joy Sports. 

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