The National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Anthony Abayifaa Karbo has charged the youth of the party to use the Arab Spring, especially the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, as a motivating factor to take up the lead in the campaign to oust the Mills-led administration in the 2012 polls.

Anthony Karbo made this known at the beginning of a three day workshop organized by the National Youth Wing for Constituency Youth Organizers in the three (3) Northern Regions in Tamale and under the theme: Strengthening the Youth Wing.

Karbo, the firebrand youth leader stressed that the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, which barely a year ago, could not be envisaged by many analysts and experts in the Arab world, Society and Economics, happened because of the unbending will of the youths in those countries who desired to see change in their lives.

“If the Egyptian and Tunisian Youths could do that, then we can also certainly push out this incompetent and corrupt government especially as all signs point to a massive rejection of Atta Mills and his bunch as a result of their disastrous governance at the polls come December”.

The three-day workshop which commenced on Tuesday is meant to bring the Youth Organizers in tune with Campaign models on Radical Grassroots Mobilization, Canvassing and Message Targeting and is part of efforts being undertaken by the NPP Youth Wing to strengthen the Youth Wings at the Polling Station and Constituency Levels across the country.

Anthony Karbo tasked the various Youth Organizers to take over the campaign at the grassroots level and at the various constituencies and noted that Nana Akufo-Addo, a man he described as “the competent and visionary leader of the New Patriotic Party,” was depending largely on the youth of the country and specifically the party to deliver the presidency and an overwhelming majority in parliament in this year’s election.

He further charged the youth that in this election year, it was critical for them to be “fearless and militant” and also stressed on the need for the youth to be active on the grounds campaigning and battling for each inch of territory in this land and every single vote.

The National Youth Organizer further warned that the youth of the Party and the country at large were desperate to see change and desperate to see the presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo to competently steer the wheels of state and thus, as a result, the youth would not hesitate to crush anyone in the party or outside who intends to derail the grassroots campaign of the party.

Touching on the now dominant issue of the GHS 58 million paid to NDC financier, Alfred Woyome, Mr Karbo took on the president directly indicating that President Mills “was a chief orchestrator of the plot to deny the ordinary tax-payer of almost a trillion cedis.”

He described the president as a sinking man, adding that the president had been exposed badly by this scandal and that in most places, the president would have resigned for perpetuating this monstrous crime on the people of Ghana.

He also promised the gathering that though all attempts are being made by the president and his government to cover up the issue, culminating in the dismissal of the former Attorney General Martin Amidu, the NPP administration when it assumes office would attach every seriousness needed and ensure that the culprits behind this crime are brought to book and that at all cost, the money would be returned to Ghana with interest.

Chairman of the NPP, Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey opened the Workshop with an address focused on the need for the youth of the party to remain united and committed to the course at hand and ensure that in the end, the party delivers a crushing defeat to the National Democratic Congress at the polls.