The ex-Adiebebahene is confident of winning Adansi Asokwa seat

The story of a 47-year-old chief in Kumasi abdicating to contest this year’s parliamentary elections on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress in the Adansi Asokwa constituency comes as a  shock to many.

Residents are wondering how Nana Adu Abankoro II, known in private life as Kenneth Boakye Acheampong abdicated his revered Manhyia Palace stool to contest in elections in an area known to be a stronghold of the New Patriotic Party.

Chieftaincy institution is not only revered in the Ashanti region but chiefs are accorded with respect in an area where a premium is placed on tradition.

But the ex-Adiebebahene who claim to have entered the race to rescue the people of Adansi Asokwa from under development is unfazed about his chances.

“This particular year is my turn and I hope I am going to rescue the poor in this constituency. So I’m for sure I am going to win.

“Kwatakwataa [to wit latest by] on December 8, you will hear from me,” he insisted.

Nana Adu Abankoro II
Kenneth Boakye Acheampong been introduced by NDC Presidential candidate , John Mahama at a rally at Fumso

Nana Abankoro now known in private life as Kenneth Boakye Acheampong dismissed suggestions that Adansi Asokwa constituency is a stronghold of the ruling NPP.

“This area is not the stronghold of the NPP but rather it is NDC. It was not until  in the 2000 when misunderstanding over parliamentary candidate for the NDC made K.T Hammond win the seat.

He extended electricity to most of the communities after his appointment as Deputy Energy Minister. He has since remained the MP,” Mr. Acheampong said.

Nhyira FM checks revealed the constituency, until the year 2000 was represented twice by National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament in 1992 and 1996.

John Kofi Gyasi won the nod of the people at the inception of the Fourth Republic in 1992 with 2,188 votes on the ticket of the NDC and retained the seat four years later.

Mr. Acheampong, the ex-Adiebebahene  wants to ride on the back of  the support base he enjoyed from the people, especially the youth for his electoral victory.

He is the bankroller of Achie-Ken Football team, the first-ever team to qualify for Division One League from Adansi Asokwa.

Through sports, he has managed to bring together teeming unemployed youth in the area for a more purposeful course.

It is same reason that motivated him to leave his Kumasi comfort zone to an area where he spent most of his childhood days.

“If you are going round, there is no single road that has been constructed for this particular constituency. And at the same time, the youth they are all jobless.

“They are moving around doing nothing. So that one motivated me that I should come in and come and win the seat and help the good people of this particular constituency,” he said.

Nana Adu Abankoro II
Nana Adu Abankoro II abdicated to contest Adansi Asokwa seat

Nana Adu Abankoro II until June this year was the Adiebebahene and a leading member of the Mawere Division at the Manhyia Palace.

His abdication came after he managed to convince the kingmakers who had earlier  rejected his decision, having reigned for eight years.

Nana Adu Abankoro with the support of  kingmakers of Adiebeba has performed all the necessary traditional rites to signify his abdication, ushering him into a new life as politician.

Nana Adu Abankoro II
The ex-chief enjoys support from the youth

Constituents of Adansi Asokwa have greeted the news of Nana Abankoro’s abdication with joy.

But they will not see Nana Adu Abankoro on the ballot paper, but rather Kenneth Boakye Acheampong, as they vote on December 7, 2020.

The National Democratic Congress hopes to capitalize on the situation to improve its electoral fortunes in one of the strongholds of the New Patriotic Party.

Kenneth Boakye Acheampong would be coming up against former Energy Minister, Kwabena Tahiru Hammond who has been representing the area for the last 20-years.