ZoomLion Ghana Limited, a sanitation company, on Thursday launched environmental and sanitation clubs in some schools in the Bolgatanga Municipality to inculcate good sanitary habits in the pupils.

It was also meant to make the school children peer environmental and sanitation educators in their communities.

Launching the clubs dubbed: “Zoomkids clubs”, Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Mark Woyongo commended Zoom Lion Ghana Limited for its role in the socio-economic development of the country, especially in the area of environmental cleanliness.

He said since the establishment of the company in 2006, it had provided services such as
domestic and industrial waste collection, pest control, public cleansing, container manufacturing, beautification and landscaping, land fill management, capacity building and training, offering employment to a lot of people.

Mr Woyongo expressed optimism that with the introduction of the Zoomkids Clubs in the schools, the pupils would develop environmental consciousness and grow up to become good sanitation and environmental ambassadors.

He however called on the company to come out with new interventions and innovations to make the company meet the current global challenges.

Mr Woyongo stressed the need for Ghanaians to develop positive attitudes towards the environment, adding that some common ailments and diseases affecting people could be eliminated or controlled through better sanitation and nutrition and lifestyles.

The Regional Director of Zoom Lion Ghana Limited, Mr Laud Mike Tagoe, said his outfit’s quest to ensure clean, healthy, and green environment, led it to form the clubs in first cycle institutions throughout the country with the aim of instilling in the pupils discipline, personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness at all times.

He said the programme would involve debates, quizzes, drama on sanitation, tree planting and beautification exercises in schools.

He called on the Ghana Education Service, District Assemblies and all stakeholders, including the media to help ensure that the programme becomes practical.

Mr Tagoe said the media needed to play an active role in educating the people to adopt proper sanitation of management practices.

Source: GNA


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